Gabby (lordoflorien) wrote in milli_crack,

From tonight's Crack-Chat:

[20:47] wiresgoingin: OH MY GOD LJ DON'T BE A WHORE
[20:47] camwyncwru: Dude, LJ isn't a whore.
[20:47] camwyncwru: Whores put out when you pay them.


[21:49] lordolorien: Aw, I just had an image of Leia, Alanna, and kitties
[21:49] wiresgoingin: kfjkladjla in holonet
[21:49] wiresgoingin: allana has 5 chihuahuas
[21:50] wiresgoingin: because vader took some sedatives
[21:50] wiresgoingin: and then....ordered her a bunch of dogs.
[21:50] wiresgoingin: and bought mara a pomeranian. :|
[21:51] lordolorien: tag sameth
[21:51] lordolorien: ROTFL
[21:51] whspr2ascrm13: wow
[21:51] wiresgoingin: and then he had body reconstruction surgery
[21:51] wiresgoingin: guys i live for my crack star wars games XD
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