Robin Goodfellow (puckishly) wrote in milli_crack,
Robin Goodfellow

"Goddammit! They have my otter."

shaticordia (10:43:45 PM): in the ats/btvs verses
shaticordia (10:43:51 PM): otter's blood is canonically tastier than pig's blood
shaticordia (10:44:05 PM): puck is sometimes a really enthusiastic otter
MerkyDee (10:44:18 PM): jdkfjlhjghjglh
MerkyDee (10:44:30 PM): "It's not just good."
MerkyDee (10:44:34 PM): "It's otter good."
shaticordia (10:44:36 PM): ...
UndeadWriter1488 (10:44:42 PM): spffft
shaticordia (10:44:45 PM): "You otter enjoy it."
bookelfe (10:45:01 PM): it's the most important otter?
shaticordia (10:45:14 PM): SLEEPER CELL OTTERS
MerkyDee (10:45:26 PM): dfjjdfgkghjljkdgh
MerkyDee (10:45:31 PM): does that mean
shaticordia (10:45:37 PM): puck is the most important otter of all
MerkyDee (10:45:44 PM): but he's older than you
MerkyDee (10:45:49 PM): and he's a man
shaticordia (10:45:52 PM): dracula had a mission that involved time travel
MerkyDee (10:45:53 PM): shaped being
shaticordia (10:45:56 PM): the mission went horribly wrong
MerkyDee (10:46:03 PM): *dying*
shaticordia (10:46:15 PM): (and secretly, in an offshore location)
shaticordia (10:46:19 PM): (he has a legion of FOUR THOUSAND OTTERS)

MerkyDee (10:57:46 PM): *is trying to delete lines about how "it's better with Havelock because he knows what Puck likes in bed! He's the only one who'll roleplay the baker and the confused emu"*
scuba soph (10:57:49 PM): Gen segues, therefore she is.
zebosity (10:58:00 PM): ...What, Merc.
scuba soph (10:58:54 PM): is that a packet of sesame seeds in your pocket
scuba soph (10:59:00 PM): or are you just glad to see me
MerkyDee (10:59:02 PM): ahahahahaha
bookelfe (10:59:17 PM): someday
bookelfe (10:59:24 PM): this bar is going to have an emu enter
bookelfe (10:59:30 PM): and Puck will be torn between being very happy
bookelfe (10:59:33 PM): and very terrified
shaticordia (10:59:36 PM): and kind of aroused
MerkyDee (10:59:38 PM): fgkkgl;k
scuba soph (10:59:44 PM): and then furious?
MerkyDee (10:59:54 PM): *laughing OUT LOUD*
bookelfe (10:59:56 PM): so he'll sing a song called "furious, but aroused"
MerkyDee (11:00:07 PM): fgjlshjhj
MerkyDee (11:00:20 PM): and everyone will hear him>
MerkyDee (11:00:22 PM): ?
shaticordia (11:00:37 PM): yes.

shaticordia (11:01:33 PM): know what i can picture puck singing?
shaticordia (11:01:37 PM): the sludge's song from fern gully
shaticordia (11:01:38 PM): about toxic love
shaticordia (11:01:43 PM): re: emu
MerkyDee (11:01:46 PM): fjhxvbbxcbgkfgh
MerkyDee (11:01:52 PM): fuck all you guys
shaticordia (11:01:53 PM): emu love
MerkyDee (11:01:56 PM): *dying*
zebosity (11:02:11 PM): I'm addicted to you, but you know you're an emu?

shaticordia (11:05:57 PM): is that the episode
shaticordia (11:06:00 PM): where puck becomes as small as a germ
zebosity (11:06:02 PM): That's the Puck's narration version, yes.
shaticordia (11:06:06 PM): and travels through havelock's immune system
shaticordia (11:06:08 PM): in a magical bus
MerkyDee (11:06:13 PM): ........
zebosity (11:06:17 PM): ...No, Shati. PUck does not need a magic schoolbus.
scuba soph (11:06:18 PM): kfjdslkfjsdlkf
scuba soph (11:06:20 PM): can that happen
scuba soph (11:06:22 PM): seriously
zebosity (11:06:23 PM): He would wreak enormous havoc with it.
MerkyDee (11:06:27 PM): I mean
MerkyDee (11:06:33 PM): Puck can probably shrink small enough
bookelfe (11:06:36 PM): puck/friz otp?
zebosity (11:06:43 PM): ...Although, okay, the idea of Puck + group field trip + magic school bus = kind of awesome.
MerkyDee (11:06:46 PM): he would not cheat on Havelock
MerkyDee (11:06:50 PM): IN HAVELOCK'S OWN BODY
shaticordia (11:06:59 PM): *advocates group field trip*
shaticordia (11:07:02 PM):, you guys
shaticordia (11:07:05 PM): the official lyrics include
shaticordia (11:07:09 PM): climb on the magic school bus
bookelfe (11:07:11 PM): Mary would want to come along!
shaticordia (11:07:12 PM): spank a plankton, too
bookelfe (11:07:13 PM): for the learnings
MerkyDee (11:07:17 PM): dklfkgfjgk
bookelfe (11:07:18 PM): ..........what, shati
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