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tonight on When Fourth Walls Go Bad

So Angel just presented Penny with the news that she might encounter people she recognises from fiction. And we got to talking about why canon-puncturing Penny would be kind of a bad idea:

Kristicagle: That would not go over well
Kristicagle: And I can see her next talk with Billy.
anthillinside42: No, it rather wouldn't.
Kristicagle: "So, yeah, you're dead." "No I'm not! We're fictional!" Doc: *faints*
anthillinside42: XD
anthillinside42: And then everyone goes after Joss Whedon with torches and pitchforks.
Kristicagle: hahaha
anthillinside42: Because *seriously.*
Kristicagle: "You srsly gave me a comic that indicated I would have dated Billy had he asked...and then you KILL ME WHILE I'M WITH HIM!?!?!?!"
anthillinside42: Moist: ...seriously? Do I even need to say *anything?*
Kristicagle: Doc: *grumble*
anthillinside42: XD XD XD
Kristicagle: Capt Hammer: Why do I suck at the end?
anthillinside42: Captain Hammer is just too damn awesome to believe this nonsense.
anthillinside42: ...that too. XD
Kristicagle: He'd beat up Joss, and make him re-write it
anthillinside42: ::snerk::
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