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Will Scarlett

SaphTheImmortal (2:06:36 AM): hmmm, what should Yrael fall onto?
aspenx3 (2:06:48 AM): NOT an Impala. *firm*
SaphTheImmortal (2:06:50 AM): no
aspenx3 (2:06:56 AM): he can squash a Yugo?
FionaLl8 (2:06:59 AM): I chose Thunderbird, I was good.
FionaLl8 (2:07:07 AM): old fashioned Beetle, mini,
FionaLl8 (2:07:12 AM): random car of the future
SaphTheImmortal (2:07:24 AM): he can crash through the satellite on a large, black, suspicious van?
aspenx3 (2:07:37 AM): and set the satellite dish sparking!
aspenx3 (2:07:45 AM): with blue lightning! or something
SaphTheImmortal (2:07:49 AM): James Bond's Astin Martin?
aspenx3 (2:08:03 AM): *whimpers quietly* I love that car.
SaphTheImmortal (2:08:06 AM): hidden torpedoes go shooting off somewhere...
aspenx3 (2:08:07 AM): oh well!
aspenx3 (2:08:13 AM): ... that would be funny, actually.
SaphTheImmortal (2:08:16 AM):
SaphTheImmortal (2:08:31 AM): he could set the GPS to sparking
FionaLl8 (2:10:14 AM): yes
FionaLl8 (2:10:26 AM): M looks at her desk in confusion, "James?"
cinder heartbeat (2:10:53 AM): ... when did the discussion turn to James Bond?
aspenx3 (2:11:04 AM): potential cars in the garage!
aspenx3 (2:11:07 AM): *helpful*
cinder heartbeat (2:11:15 AM): ahAAAAAAA
cinder heartbeat (2:11:17 AM): DO WANT
aspenx3 (2:11:21 AM): YES.
FionaLl8 (2:11:25 AM): someone needs to save this because I'll forget
FionaLl8 (2:11:35 AM): Everything but the impala.
FionaLl8 (2:11:41 AM): or else Dean will whup some ass.
SaphTheImmortal (2:15:20 AM): >_>
SaphTheImmortal (2:15:30 AM): can the impala be nicked a bit?
aspenx3 (2:15:34 AM): NO.
SaphTheImmortal (2:15:49 AM): hmmm
aspenx3 (2:15:51 AM): *eyes inner characters* Hi Sam.
aspenx3 (2:16:01 AM): and still -- NO PLZ NO I SAY NO.
SaphTheImmortal (2:16:09 AM): mwahahahaha
FionaLl8 (2:16:12 AM): they should talk again out on the firing range when my Sam's actually vertical.
aspenx3 (2:16:46 AM): sounds good to me
SaphTheImmortal (2:16:54 AM): .... what color is the impala?
aspenx3 (2:17:16 AM): ... it's black with silver accent and it does not matter because it is NOWHERE NEAR THIS SCENE. *firm*
FionaLl8 (2:17:31 AM): what about the Delorean
FionaLl8 (2:17:38 AM): that's shiny and would do interesting sparks
aspenx3 (2:17:44 AM): Delorean would be cool
FionaLl8 (2:18:19 AM): it would even provide some boom
cinder heartbeat (2:18:30 AM): delorean would do nothing to help me quiet my doc headvoice
FionaLl8 (2:18:57 AM): *ponders* batmobile?
SaphTheImmortal (2:19:07 AM): >_>
bragolcoireion (2:19:17 AM): EC's tea... right now, all its doing is giving him... this sounds weird, more life
FionaLl8 (2:19:50 AM): the car from the whomping willow in Chamber of Secrets
FionaLl8 (2:20:19 AM): a nice black Bentley if you want to be really evil
bragolcoireion (2:20:24 AM): but idoes reduce the effect of poision a little bit, doesn't cure posion, though
aspenx3 (2:20:28 AM): ... *hides from Sophie*
bragolcoireion (2:21:10 AM): That requires unicorn horn dust!
SaphTheImmortal (2:21:13 AM): tag
SaphTheImmortal (2:21:23 AM): and I'll totally change it if people want me to.
SaphTheImmortal (2:21:24 AM): >_>
FionaLl8 (2:21:46 AM): *applauds*
aspenx3 (2:22:20 AM): *does too, except for the impala!* *giggling weakly*
FionaLl8 (2:22:34 AM): but its safe just had a close call
aspenx3 (2:22:42 AM): *erases it!*
aspenx3 (2:23:04 AM): *brightly and with cheer!*
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