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gotgrenades: *very carefully does not do a dick emoticon*
gotgrenades: I am mature
gotgrenades: I am so mature
TheGuite: Do eeeet
gotgrenades: (==========3
gotgrenades: <.<
TheGuite: God, you're so immature
TheGuite: Tsk tsk
gotgrenades: Oh wait. I can do better111
aisforamy2007: hee hee
a modern mythos: I can wait.
gotgrenades: No I can't
gotgrenades: D:
TheGuite: For penis? Me too.
gotgrenades: XD
gotgrenades: LOVE MY PENIS
a modern mythos: No. For your better emoticon.
TheGuite: Emotipenis us Lorna!
gotgrenades: I don't think I can.
gotgrenades: *fidgets*
TheGuite: *pressures*
a modern mythos: I can't believe I'm encouraging you [yes I can believe it ].
gotgrenades: (]===3
FionaLl8: its crackchat, you shouldn't even worry
gotgrenades: *SOBS*
FionaLl8: it shrunk
FionaLl8: did it get wet?
gotgrenades: I NEED A BETTER SHAFT!
Kippurbirdy: It might be the weather
gotgrenades: ...that should never be quoted
TheGuite: Hehehe
gotgrenades: It's cold in here
Kippurbirdy: See, it's the weather
TheGuite: Is crackchat poorly heated?
TheGuite: Or leaky?
gotgrenades: BOTH
Whspr2AScrm13: Shaft? He's a bad mother, SHUT YO MOUTH
gotgrenades: LEAKY LIKE A SPOON
gotgrenades: I should not talk anymore...
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That first penis must be from Anita Blake fandom.
*snorts* Don't look at me: I'm a healthy, realistic size. Not like Monster Dick over there. *throws a dirty look at Micah*

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