Ryan Chappelle (_chappy_) wrote in milli_crack,
Ryan Chappelle

Even though I brought the subject up and found the first vibrator cozy, this is all Karen's fault. Got it? Good.

Xvcountess: http://www.etsy.com/get_jpg_full_image.php?image_id=191547
Firephile: OMG that makes me think like...NC-17 muppets.
Bbigi398: it's like a sesame street character or something
Firephile: *cries for her brain*
Bbigi398: hee!
Xvcountess:http://www.etsy.com/view_item.php?listing_id=33520 Or this one!
Bbigi398: oooo, mr. beaker
Firephile: .....at least I'm not alone.
Firephile: OMG
Xvcountess: *DIES* And every one comes with an adoption certificate! Like a Pound Puppy!

Bbigi398: is the one button making anyone think of one eye
Bbigi398:: or am I just really perverted?
Xvcountess: Ohmigod. Bridget, that beaker comment slayed me.
Xvcountess: Noooo, I thought of that too.
Firephile: I...hate you brain. so much
Bbigi398: lol
Firephile: yeah me too. with the....ARMS
Firephile: it has ARMS
Xvcountess: http://www.etsy.com/view_item.php?listing_id=51278 Ummm....
Bbigi398: Oh, Canada
Firephile: LOL
Xvcountess: Hee.
Xvcountess: This little guy certainly stands on guard for thee.
Firephile: WAH
Xvcountess: ALL NIGHT LONG.
Bbigi398: zing!
Xvcountess: Ah yes, good thing I'm not really RPing much tonight


Midge wood58: Jack is in the bar tonight with his laptop, looking up a website for dildo cozies. I have proof! I will show you the links.
Xvcountess: LOL
Xvcountess: Uh, no.
Midge wood58: O:-)
Midge wood58: He has a lot of lady friends who could use the gift? :P
Xvcountess: *snerk* Yes.
Xvcountess: ..Though hey...
Xvcountess: No! They don't! Because as all fans know, Jack is a Sex Machine!
Firephile: y'know, why be sexist, I'm sure men have dildos.
Firephile: what better way to say "hey buddy" than...a bright pink dildo cozy?
Bbigi398: so jack will be buying his male friends cozies?
Bbigi398: I would LOVE to see that thread
Firephile: Hey, body parts get cold too
Bbigi398: lol
Xvcountess: That's why it starts as willie warmer. for actual willies.
Firephile: ............................................
Xvcountess: But um, no., Jack would NOT be doing that.
Firephile: EW. Just. EW
Xvcountess: Considering if bar gave HIM a willie warmer he'd be horrified.
Firephile: lakjdlakjg!!!!
Firephile: OMG
Firephile: *giggles*
Xvcountess: Well he does live in Canada. Wouldn't want his favourite appendage to get frostbitten or anything.
Xvcountess: ...Man we're sad.
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